136. Quiz-Its

Here’s a simple starter/revision activity. All you need is Post-it notes.

Hand out Post-its as the class arrive.

Once they have got their things out they each write four questions on a topic of your choice. Encourage them to make the questions challenging. Once that’s done tell them they need to write the answer lightly in pencil on the back.

Stick all the Post-its on a table or wall.

Everyone then collects a Post-it (or Qwiz-it) to answer (not their own).

Once they’ve answered, they can check their answer. If the answers don’t match, who is correct? Why?

This can lead to discussions about question-style, methods, misconceptions and understanding.

2 thoughts on “136. Quiz-Its

  1. kerry4477

    I used this with my y11 class after working on surds. I gave them green, yellow and pink post-its and they had to write easy, medium and difficult questions which they then swapped. It gave me a chance to see what they deemed easy or difficult and also allowed for some differentiation. Thanks for the idea.


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