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318. Election Stats

Very quick post!

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you are doing any form of data work, here is a great website to discuss bad graphs.

Skepchick Bad Election graphs

My GCSE class loved it. The image above was also a head-scratcher – how can you explain what is going on?

317. Pyramid Power

Just a quick post today – it’s such a busy time of year.

I’ve recently used Nrich resources on sequences with Year 7. These two activities encouraged good discussion and practical thinking.

Function machines

Pyramid Numbers

We used multilink to build pyramids which allowed students to develop their ideas. There were four different pyramids commonly built. The discussions the students had showed a real insight into their thinking.

After the lesson this photo of a golf ball stack appeared on my Twitter feed. This provided me with a starter for the following lesson – how many balls in the stack?