356. Edexcel Shadow Paper

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post. Apologies for that. I’ve been busy with Key Stage 5 things. One of my projects has been creating a shadow paper for the Edexcel AS Maths exam. With so few past papers available and so many papers available online, I wanted an assessment that my students couldn’t find the mark scheme for.

I’ve taken the AS Pure 2018 paper and created a shadow paper, with markscheme. Same level of difficulty, different numbers. I publicised it on Twitter and shared it with over ninety educators in 48 hours. I was stunned by the popularity of this resource. To keep it secure, the lovely Graham Cummings from @mathsemporium has arranged for it to be uploaded onto the Edexcel Maths Emporium. Now I don’t have to directly email people the files.

You can access it with an Edexcel teacher login here. If you don’t have a login, there are instructions on the page on how to obtain one.

I hope this paper saves you some time. I intend to start work on more Pure shadow papers soon, as Pure maths carries the heavier weighting in the AS and A-level exams.

2 thoughts on “356. Edexcel Shadow Paper

  1. Frank McGrogan

    Hi. I am someone with very limited I T skills. Is there any way in which I could receive the shadow papers in pdf form as I am unable to download them in their current form? THANKS

    1. MsKMP


      The papers are in pdf formmat hosted by the Edexcel Emporium. If you click on the link in the post it will take you to the Edexcel website. If you don’t have an Edexcel login, there are instructions on the page as to how to get one.

      I hope this helps


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