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341. Dragon Bridge

Here is a little starter picture for you:

This is the ‘Pont y Ddraig’ at the marina in Rhyl, in North Wales. What mathematical questions could be inspired by this?

‘Pont y Ddraig’ means Dragon Bridge. Find out more about the bridge here

337. Surreal symmetry

I stumbled across this splendid website and Instagram feed through an article in ‘The Guardian’ newspaper:
Accidentally Wes Anderson
The site owner has collected together images of buildings that look like they could be in a Wes Anderson film.

Image Credit: #accidentallywesanderson

The result is a stunning collection of images of symmetrical architecture from around the world. The photos could be used as a starting point for a discussion on symmetry, shape or the mathematics of the world around us.

324. Glamping Gallery 

I’m a hard facts, scientific evidence kinda person. I don’t do New Age aura type stuff. However I could be converted on ‘good karma’. Last September, I spent the morning supporting the local Scout group by litter picking at a Festival. Afterwards I bought one raffle ticket for £1 and was  I was lucky enough to win first prize – a ‘Glamping’ trip. Cleaning up other people’s rubbish won me a holiday!

But this is a Maths blog – surely there is some probability investigation coming next or a comparison of good deeds and good fortune?

Nah – just some holiday pictures of a mathematically pleasing nature. Enjoy!

315. Mancunian Shapes

I’ve been at a meeting in the Manchester Chamber of Commerce today and I was fascinated by how sympathetically the building has been renovated and preserved. The plasterwork, tiling, glasswork and carving demonstrated exquisite use of shapes, symmetry and tessellation. Here are a few images that you could use as discussion starter:

Just think of all the shape related problems you could set from each image!

301. How much is my sandwich?

A visual discussion starter for you:


These three pots of sandwich filling cost £1 each. The flavours are egg mayo, chicken & bacon and cheese & onion.
How much would the 182g chicken filling cost if it weighed the same as the others?
The large pots contain 5 servings and the small pot contains 3 servings – are they the same size serving?

If you zoom in on the picture you could generate your own questions based on the nutritional information eg calories per serving.

You could extend this to the snacks in students’ bags. Are they as healthy as they think?