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172. Chrismaths 6

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love sent to me … teeny tiny little boots!

Image credit: ebay.com.au

Of course, most geese don’t wear boots these days, but before mass transportation geese were walked to market in little boots or with tar applied to their feet.

Download the poster here: On the sixth day of Christmas

There is a rather splendid video from 31st Dec 1966 on the BBC archive about walking geese to market:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/chronicle/8619.shtml

169. Chrismaths 4

On the fourth day of Christmas Maths Sandpit gave to me … another odd problem.


Image credit: misskyliem.wordpress.com

Download the fourth poster here: On the fourth day of Christmas

Note: There is a minimum call solution (6) and a logical call solution (0 – birds can’t use phones)

166. Merry ChrisMaths 1

I’m not going tinsel crazy yet – I’m just giving you, the reader, a resource a bit early to allow for printing and planning. We have a big noticeboard in the Maths Dept and I thought that this year it would be nice to have a temporary Christmas display: Welcome to the ‘Twelve Days of Chrismaths’!


I will be uploading twelve vaguely christmas related, corny christmas posters, starting today. I’m going to put one up each weekday in school, from 2nd December onwards. You might want to make this into a competition and get students to submit solutions to all the puzzles. You might want to use them as a class activity in the last week of term. Whatever you choose to do, come back each day for the next puzzle.

On the first day of Christmas