About Me

Why call a maths education blog the ‘Maths Sandpit’? It’s the reason I am a Maths geek and teacher.

At the age of six I had a proper old-fashioned Infant school teacher. If you did well (100%) in your spellings and multiplication tables you were allowed to play in the sandpit. If you didn’t, you spent friday afternoon doing a retest – knowing that outside other children were having fun.

Well, I have a stubborn streak. Spelling wasn’t a problem, but numbers …urgh! At the grand old age of six I decided that I wanted to play in the sandpit, so I needed to get good at Maths. So I did!

If it wasn’t for that sandpit and a series of inspirational teachers I wouldn’t be where I am today: SLE, ex-Head of a Maths Department and former AST specialising in Innovation, Technology, G&T and Community projects.

I’m on twitter as @ms_kmp.

Thank you to Primary Resources for hosting this site!

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