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337. Surreal symmetry

I stumbled across this splendid website and Instagram feed through an article in ‘The Guardian’ newspaper:
Accidentally Wes Anderson
The site owner has collected together images of buildings that look like they could be in a Wes Anderson film.

Image Credit: #accidentallywesanderson

The result is a stunning collection of images of symmetrical architecture from around the world. The photos could be used as a starting point for a discussion on symmetry, shape or the mathematics of the world around us.

91. Scouting for Symmetry

This week a relative joined the Scout Association in Wales. I knew that welsh scouts wore ‘Y Ddraig Goch’ (The Red Dragon or Welsh Flag) on their uniform. I didn’t know they wore it on each sleeve, symmetrically:


This gave me the idea for a symmetry homework.

If you look at the uniformed services and uniformed youth movements, how often does symmetry occur in their badges? Do some badge styles occur in several associations? Are some images deliberately stylised to make them symmetrical? Are repeated emblems always placed symmetrically on either side of a uniform?

Pupils could also design their own symmetrical class reward badges.

From a pastoral point of view, this would be a nice way to celebrate younger pupils’ interests outside school.