171. Are you ready for ChrisMaths?

I am … well, actually … the noticeboard is nearly ready. Just needs some tinsel and decorations!


This is the title:


You can download it here: Twelve days of ChrisMaths title

This is one of the snowflake placeholders (for Day 3):


The six point snowflakes are quite easy to make :

  1. Take a square of paper and fold it exactly in half (direction doesn’t matter)
  2. Mark or pinch halfway along the fold – I’ll refer to it as X
  3. Put the folded edge on the 0-180 line of a protractor, with X on the centre
  4. Fold from X along the 60 degree line
  5. Fold the other end from X to the 120 degree line – you now have 6 equal sections
  6. Fold the whole thing in half and get snipping

Each of my snowflakes references a number from 1 to 12 and each day the appropriate poster will be put on top of the appropriate snowflake.

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