191. Fallen Revision

Which Maths teachers out there are fed up of stressing the same basic exam/test skills? Come on, there must be more than that? You there at the back. That’s more like it!

Unfortunately, us teachers don’t understand student basics:

* Pencils are for chewing, flicking or breaking.
* Rulers are for poking and twanging
* Working out is detrimental to doodling time
* And as for Units – wasn’t that mentioned in PSCHE to do with alcohol?

Sound familiar?

This term I’ve made my class reflect on the basics using a ‘Fallen Phrase’ puzzle templateĀ from Discovery Puzzlemaker. The skeleton of the phrase is given, but the missing letters are stacked at the bottom of each column – a bit like a collapsed ‘Wheel of fortune’ puzzle.

Wheel of fortune

The puzzle covers all the basic skills, but it is difficult. My students had to really think what I nag them about, rather than just rearrange the letters.

I just hope all their hard work pays off in their test.

Revision Hints fallen phrase.

Visit the Discovery puzzlemaker site.

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