212. Crack the Code 1

I love the worksheets produced by danwalker on TES resources. Basically a set of results are combined to make a numerical code. You could have a ‘Kilner’ stye jar with a changeable combination padlock and a prize locked inside as motivation.

Image credit: www.waragainstwork.com

Image credit: www.waragainstwork.com

I’ve started using this style of activity with sleepy sixth formers, unmotivated low ability Year 10 and excitable Year 9s. Dan Walker has released the following activites on TES resources:

Parametric Equations

Binomial Expansion


I’ve now created a Code sheet for Number Patterns. It covers term to term rules, using an Nth term rule, finding an Nth term and finding a specified term.

Number Patterns Crack the Safe (pdf)

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