230. Resource of the week

I came across this splendid resource on Similar Triangles, by cturner16, on the TES website:
Similar triangles matching activity

The cards start with a standard diagram of overlapping triangles and you match it up with the individual triangles. The final step is to work out the scale factor and the missing side. It follows the exact steps you would want students to follow when working on these problems.

Now, I know my class well and to avoid the standard bickering, mess and ‘I didn’t think you meant pick up every sheet when you said pick up every sheet’, I copied every set on a different colour:


The colour made it so much easier to manage and discuss. There are six problems, so if your students work in 2’s or 3’s, they each get 3 or 2 sets to stick in their book. The problems are full of misconceptions and interesting scale factors. I’m really glad I used it!

Thank you cturner16!

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