278. Rough Guide to GCSE Maths (new syllabus vs old syllabus)

I mentioned on Twitter that I’d made an infographic for students to help explain the changes to the GCSE Maths curriculum. Several people expressed an interest in it, so here it is:

GCSE infographic general

There are two versions – one which specifies Edexcel and one which does not specify an exam board. We use Edexcel, but the general version would work for other boards..

I must stress that these are rough guides and are not endorsed by any exam board – I created them to help my students understand the big picture. I printed them A5 size to fit in exercise books and A4 to go on the wall. A big thank you to Mrs D for proofreading/checking it.

You can download in pdf and jpeg format here:

GCSE Edexcel infographic

Update: I will be editing these files to clarify the Good Pass jigsaw piece. A good pass is a Grade 5, the Grade 4 refers to the funding rules for College/Year 12 resits

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