47. Light bulb moment

Here is a ridiculously simple classroom tip that was thought up by one of my pupils today.



The class were using past GCSE questions, compiled in a Word document, photocopied back to back and stapled.



After completing a table of values, the question said ‘Use the graph paper below…’, except the graph paper had ended up three sides of A4 away due to a crazy quirk of Testbase (GCSE exam question software) and Word. Cue much mumbling and enough paper shuffling to make me think a hamster was rearranging his bedding!



One pupil simply asked if she could take a picture of the table of values, so she wouldn’t have to keep flipping pages.


So simple … pure genius!


Within 5 minutes, the class were quietly doing very accurate cumulative frequency diagrams, without silly mistakes and rustling.

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