4. Family tree problem

At a family party, Nanna is sitting quietly with a piece of paper and pencil. She is making a note of who is there. Later that week Nanna sets a challenge to her friends over coffee:

“I was at a party last week. There were 17 people there. There were:

8 cousins
10 sisters
1 brother
4 mothers
5 fathers
1 grandmother
2 grandfathers
1 great grandfather
3 aunts
3 uncles
8 great grandchildren
11 grandchildren

3 mothers have 2 sisters
3 sisters have 1 brother
4 sisters have 1 sister

Who was at the party?”
Draw a family tree to represent the answer.
Hint: There are 4 generations


Generation 1: Great Grandad
Generation 2: Granddad & Nanna
Generation 3: Three sisters and their husbands
Generation 4: Two of the sisters have families with two daughters, one sister has a family with three daughters and one son.

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