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239. Introduction to Arithmetic sequences

Here’s a quick post for all those of you teaching Arithmetic Sequences. Whether you are teaching Level 3 Algebra or the C1 A-Level module, the jump from GCSE Nth term to the form ‘a + (n-1)d’ can be unnecessarily tricky. To help with this I’ve written a starter booklet for Arithmetic Sequences. You can download it here:

Introduction to arithmetic sequences

By the way, if your students confuse the vocabulary ‘sequence’ with ‘series’ get them to think about television. A normal television series ends, so an arithmetic series must end too!

118. App of the day

Do you ever play the numbers round from the TV programme ‘Countdown’ in class?

I was on a training course the other week and whilst chatting in a break Sarah – a fellow delegate, introduced me to the free android Countdown app. It is so easy to use a 6 yr could (and does) use it.


There are quick rounds, full games and practice mode. If you choose the number practice mode, you can randomly select numbers and it will even show you the solution. So you can use Countdown as a starter without scribbling numbers on a bit of paper and only being 10 seconds ahead of the class.

Download it from the android store by searching for ‘Countdown for Android’.