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285. Circle Theorem Construction

When you Google the phrase ‘Circle Theorem paper plates’ you will see some stunning work from teachers (and their pupils) from around the world. Today I tried this idea out and I can vouch for its usefulness as a revision tool.

If you are short on display space or need a stable, minimum staple solution, try this:
Use split pins to join the plates together. They are stronger than tape and more flexible than staples, which can tear.


Get creative – I made a triangle, but you could make a chain, other shapes or even an archway around your door frame. Once you have connected your plates, you need far less staples or sticky tack to attach them to the wall.

117. Circle facts

I sometimes despair when I read through students’ exercise books. A brilliant explanation or set of revision notes are let down by poor diagrams – especially when you are working on circle theorems. I’m also suspicious of handing out perfectly typed notes because I’m sure they don’t get properly read.

I’ve taken both these issues and put together a C grade Circle Theorems Fact finder sheet. The diagrams are printed, but the theories are missing. Students need to write the missing facts in their own words. This processing of information should consolidate their understanding.


Download it from here.