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67. Banquet Challenge

Anyone else end up getting out the pencil and paper when you try to figure out the instructions on a supermarket ready meal banquet?


Some companies take you through the cooking process step by step. Others tell you how to cook each individual part, but not how the timings overlap. It occurred to me that this creates a nice Functional Skills/Time problem. You could even develop this into a critical path analysis problem.

Example: Mexican Banquet


Chicken & vegetable mix: 2mins 30secs
Tortillas: 20secs
Chilli: 5 minutes

Potato wedges: 15mins
Quesadilla: 10mins

If you want to eat at 7pm, what time should you start cooking?

What time does each item go on?

Assume that only one item can be put in the microwave at once, but the oven can fit more.