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131. App of the Day: MyScript calculator

A short post today. This week J introduced me to the ‘MyScript Calculator’ app.


It’s a rather nifty app that converts freehand writing into mathematical calculations and solves them. It is available for most formats of smartphone and you can visit their website here.

These examples from the website show what it is capable of doing – I’m sure there is a lesson here somewhere.


87. QR teaching

Revision is a tricky business! Everyone needs something different – it is the ultimate manifestation of personalised learning.

As you will have seen from previous posts I’m not averse to chopping up exam papers or using technology to make things interesting. I also recommend YouTube videos for different revision topics.

This week I started printing QR codes, linking to online resources, onto stickers and attaching them to worksheets/books.

All pupils need is a smartphone/ipad with a barcode scanner installed. They can access the extra material whenever it is appropriate and the alternative explanations can be useful. It also helps keep pupils on task while you are helping others.

I used QRstuff.com as you can print directly to stickers (you can download them as .png files too), however there are many other sites available. If you scan the QR code above, you can access the QRstuff site too.