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299. Is it good value for money?

Those ‘value for money’ or ‘best buy’ questions always put some students into a muddle. The usual response is ‘The bigger pack is always better value for money, so why have I got to do working out?’

Really? Is that always true?

Try these packets of cereal (Weetabix) from Asda:

The first one says 72 biscuits for £5.68


The second one says £3 for 48 biscuits.

Put the price and number of biscuits per pack on the board and ask students what they think. Once they’ve discussed it you could ask whether they thought that kind of pricing happened in real life.  Then you can pull the starter together by projecting these pictures onto the screen/board.

60. Special Offer 3

You know, once you start noticing odd logic in special offers, you notice them everywhere. I’m collecting all the ones I find with the aim of creating a numeracy/ mental arithmetic/ problem solving board. I hope it will start some good discussions – especially if I throw in some good value offers too.

Two 300ml pots of double cream:


But 2 x 300ml = 600ml


Like this particular places says “Every little helps!”.