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298. The Mensuration Challenge

Here is a fun little activity, including task sheet, for recapping measuring distance, time and angles.

Image credit: freepik.com

It’s simply a set of mini-challenges designed to familiarise students with practical equipment and get them out of their seats. We had lots of fun measuring all sorts of things – width of a smile, length of a tongue, angle of a nose, time spent on one leg – the limit was their creativity!

Mensuration Challenges (pdf)

Mensuration Challenges (docx – editable)

85. App of the day: Smart Tools

Smart tools was described by one reviewer as the ‘swiss army knife’ of apps. I think I agree!


You can measure distance, angles, direction, height, sound, vibration, bearings and even turn your phone into a torch, spirit level or a magnifying glass! It’s very handy for practical activities outside. The set up for different measuring elements gives you the maths behind the result too.

I’ve used it to do bearings activities and treasure hunts. I’ve also used the height measuring mode as an introduction to pythagoras.

Official demo video

Individual elements can be purchased separately for free or 65p (correct at time of publishing) each. Or you can download everything in one go. Search for ‘smart tools’ on the Play store or go to: Smart tools website