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273. #MathsPics15

The Summer is here and obviously we switch off from teaching …
… Yeah, right!

You will see something and think – that will make a great lesson on (insert topic), then life will catch up and the idea will fade. The MathSandpit is here to help in such matters.

Take a picture of your inspiration with a few words, then tweet with the hashtag #MathsPics15.

In the Autumn, all the pictures, words and Twitter credits will be pulled together in a blog post. You will see your inspiration and that of other teachers. In the meantime, you will be able to search Twitter via the hashtag.

Have a great summer!

184. TeachMeet New Year

Here’s a nice easy 2014 challenge for you: get yourself to a TeachMeet!

What is a TeachMeet? A definition can be found on Wikipedia, but in essence it is a series of five minute presentations about any aspect of education by educators (mainly current teachers).

If you can’t go to one, find one which was recorded and posted online. Why not go for it and present at a TeachMeet?

It’s National TeachMeet day (in the UK) on 6th February (@TeachMeetUK). Most TMs are posted on the TeachMeet.pbworks site and publicised on Twitter. If you are in North-West England there is a Maths-themed TM happening in Liverpool on Saturday 18th January. Click here for more details or follow #mathsmeetnorthwest

If you are still doubting the effectiveness of TM consider these points:
1) I went for it and presented at the first TM I went to in September (You can watch it here) – it was a great experience.
2) I’ve used short/medium/long term ideas from the TM in my lessons, in Dept meetings and in my Performance Management.
3) My colleague, J, and myself were positively bouncing with ideas and energy for teaching for weeks afterwards.
4) Imagine the worst day-long course you’ve been on and how much it cost. A TM is a couple of hours and generally free!

What are you waiting for?


Updated: 20th Jan 2014 to include Calderstones TeachMeet link