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273. #MathsPics15

The Summer is here and obviously we switch off from teaching …
… Yeah, right!

You will see something and think – that will make a great lesson on (insert topic), then life will catch up and the idea will fade. The MathSandpit is here to help in such matters.

Take a picture of your inspiration with a few words, then tweet with the hashtag #MathsPics15.

In the Autumn, all the pictures, words and Twitter credits will be pulled together in a blog post. You will see your inspiration and that of other teachers. In the meantime, you will be able to search Twitter via the hashtag.

Have a great summer!

156. Tweeting tips

Here’s a quick idea for revising or researching vocabulary: Maths tweets.


I know that lots of educators on Twitter like to use tweets to summarise learning. I used this with my Year 7s to investigate the meanings of Prime, Factor, Multiple, Square number and Cube number.

After they independently researched the meanings and wrote the definitions in their books, I challenged them to summarise their learning in 140 characters or less. They then filled in their ‘tweets’.


If they had leftover characters they could create their own hashtags.


The ‘Maths Tweets’ sheet didn’t take long to put together – you can download the maths tweets template here (pdf format).