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281. Mathsconf5 resources

Hi to all those who went to Mathsconf5, in Sheffield.

If you liked the proportion snapdragon you can download it here: Proportion Snapdragon

If you liked the trigonometry snapdragon you can download it here: Snapdragon download

There are instructions for it here: Trigonometry Snapdragon

If you’d like a snapdragon template or instructions on how to fold it click here: http://mathssandpit.co.uk/blog/?p=667

If you want more foldables after the Paper Maths session, run by the lovely @MsSteel_Maths, I can recommend this resource: Foldables by Dinah Zike

(Note: this pdf is widely available and a version of it is free to download from Dinah Zike’s website, however if you represent Ms Zike and there is a copyright issue please contact me in the comments below)

269. Snappy Proportion

Proportion … it comes in so many forms and different students grasp different elements at different speeds. Differentiation hell!

What about a little resource that offers up 4x8x8 variations of question ranging from simple direct to proportion to inversely proportional to the square? It’s not a new app, it’s an old app – a fortune-teller snapdragon:


Print, cut and fold (see 92. Snapdragon Fun for instructions)

  • The first decision chooses level of difficulty – students pick a number and count through the opening/shutting process.
  • The second gives the information to calculate k (eg y=kx) – the number of open/shut moves is specified.
  • The third asks you to apply your equation to a hidden number.
  • Students increase the level of challenge as they do more questions.

Download the pdf here: Proportion Snapdragon

The editable version is available here: Editable Proportion Snapdragon

You may wish to enlarge the pdf on a photocopier to make it more manageable for bigger hands.

92. Snapdragon Fun

After creating the trigonometry snapdragon template, I decided to create a blank version for anyone to use.

There are two versions available to download. The Publisher file contains text boxes which you edit, while the PDF can be printed off and written on.

Snapdragon_template (PPTX)

Snapdragon_template2 (pdf)


PS: If you don’t know how to make a snapdragon/fortune teller (also known as a cootie catcher in USA), have a look at this tutorial by Doanie



86. Snapdragon & Resources

I’ve just started sharing resources on the Times Educational Supplement (TES) website.

The first resource is a typed up version of the Trigonometry Snapdragon.

I’ve omitted the diagrams so you can have a discussion about what the different situations look like.

Update: I am hosting my own resources now so you can download the snapdragon here: Trigonometry snapdragon v2


13. Trigonometry Snapdragon

I wanted to boost my students’  level of understanding of trigonometry without switching off their enthusiasm. We’d investigated the tan ratio practically and introduced sin and cos.

Now the tricky bit – how to make picking and rearranging trig rules interesting!

Introducing the Trigonometry snapdragon:


Pinch together the two things in the question eg opposite and hypotenuse.


Look inside the snapdragon at the pinched portions. Follow the instructions eg Sin rule: know hyp, find opp or know opp, find hyp


Unfold the appropriate section for your problem.


You now have the correct rule, rearranged for your problem.


Student Feedback
‘That is amazing’ and ‘Can I make one in the exam?’.

Download a digital version here: Trigonometry snapdragon v2

Also visit the updated snapdragon page for a blank template: Snapdragon fun