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238. Duck repairs

Duck Brand tape – it’s brilliant!

You only have to look at post 234 to see a great learning opportunity with duct tape … but the crazy patterns on Duck tape make it even cooler!


The older designs are often discontinued and reduced which is a great chance to bulk buy. Apart from the obvious craft applications you can use it for quick book repairs. It’s much quicker and neater than tape.

Torn spine?


Cover come off?


You could even use different patterns to identify different groupings.

192. It’s a stick up!

Just a quick picture to share today. My colleague, D, went to the same TeachMeet as me and was equally impressed by the use of gaffer tape in the ‘Big Maths’ presentation.

Today his class were doing box plots and took the idea of averages even further. They made a vertical box-plot on a wall of the class heights. Brilliant!


I’m sure this idea has lots of potential.