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203. Sunny Surd Sunflower

Today we have a guest contributor to the Sandpit – my colleague BH.

His Year 9 class have been studying Surds. They have just completed two particularly difficult Tarsia puzzles on simplifying surds. He celebrated their success by getting the class to create a ‘Sunny Surd Sunflower’ – what a great way to celebrate springtime and achievement.


UPDATE: Inspired by the bright sunflower, my class created an AVERAGE caterpillar!


174. Algebra snowflakes

Look what my class did today:


We used a hexagonal Tarsia puzzle on expanding single brackets to create large hexagons.

The puzzles were stuck on paper, cut out and the edges reinforced with tape. Twelve hexagons make a splendid snowflake. Once it was stuck together, the wall display was as tall as a Y7 pupil.

Just think what you could do with Tarsia puzzle shapes: snowflakes from hexagons, christmas trees from triangles and bunting from dominoes.

If you want more puzzles, visit Mr Barton Maths for a plethora of resources.