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257. Making the absurd Rational

Here’s a nifty little resource for you, once again inspired by @MrReddyMaths


Image Credit: http://blog.spaldingacademy.k12.ne.us/sa/files/2010/09/math-3.gif

This worksheet takes you through the process of rationalising fractions where the denominator is a surd. All of the numerators are integers to make the focus the denominator.

Updated version of (pdf)

This new version is A4 sized to allow more space for working out.

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203. Sunny Surd Sunflower

Today we have a guest contributor to the Sandpit – my colleague BH.

His Year 9 class have been studying Surds. They have just completed two particularly difficult Tarsia puzzles on simplifying surds. He celebrated their success by getting the class to create a ‘Sunny Surd Sunflower’ – what a great way to celebrate springtime and achievement.


UPDATE: Inspired by the bright sunflower, my class created an AVERAGE caterpillar!