232. Steps in Volume

This is a quick little post to give you a nifty little resource inspired by the ideas of Bruno Reddy (@MrReddyMaths). I suggest you visit his website at: http://mrreddy.com/.

Sphere cone pyramid

Image Credit: http://k12math.com/math-concepts/algebra/volumes/volumes.htm

I’ve been teaching my class how to calculate the volume of spheres, cones and pyramids. They really like these staged worksheets. You could print them out as they are, but I personally print them as A5 booklets which fit into their books.

Volume of Sphere Cone Cylinder (pdf)

2 thoughts on “232. Steps in Volume

  1. Jamie Hallam

    Although I like the images of the pyramid and the cone inside their respective prisms, the image of the sphere inside a cylinder doesn’t make sense as the volume is 4/3 of its surrounding prism. Therefore a cylinder with the same radius as height should sit inside the sphere.

    1. MsKMP Post author

      Fair point – to be honest it’s down to the image I could find at the time. However I no longer have to use digital images due to changes in image generation for the site.
      Thank you for your feedback.


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