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199. Video of the week: Constructing Pentagons

I came across this video whilst looking for 3D construction ideas for a 7 year olds homework. It is a very easy to follow video explaining how to construct a pentagon using a ruler, pencil anda  pair of compasses. When I say easy, I mean it. The voiceover is in Spanish and all my knowledge of Spanish comes from watching ‘Dora the Explorer’ with the children – and I still understood how to do this.

Not only will it help pupils improve their fine motor skills using compasses, you could also ask more able students why it works. You could also ask Spanish speakers to translate!



107. The Validator returns

Back in Post 72 I looked at the idea of a student validator, which had been developed by Mr Reddy (@MrReddyMaths).

View the original post here.

Well, I discussed it with my colleagues and a couple of us tried it out. It worked like a dream. Pupils of all abilities and ages took responsibility for checking work and giving advice. In fact it was so successful we have adopted it as Department. My HoD had seen ‘Peer Assessed’ stampers and ordered those as well as lanyards for everyone:


I’d like to thank Mr Reddy for sharing his idea on his blog.

If you want to introduce this concept to your pupils/staff check out my videoscribe introduction on YouTube. I’m still new to videoscribe, so it’s a bit jumpy, but the summary gets the message across.


89. What’s going on?

A few days ago I mentioned on Twitter that I was up to something. That something was expanding the Maths Sandpit from readable blog to downloadable resource. There are now resources available on YouTube and TES resources.

Over the next couple of months I am going to go back over my blog posts and add some related resources to the appropriate sites. I hope you find them useful.

The activity SimCon now has resources on the Tes Resources site.