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330. Still Dancing Men

You may already know about my blog posts on the ‘Dancing Man’ cipher. If not, check them out here;

34. The Dancing Cipher

97. The Dancing Cipher (part two)

Now, I have two parallel classes and I want to set the Dancing Man project as a homework, but they’ll be doing the task at different, but overlapping times. I don’t want the second class to have an unfair advantage, so I’ve written a second task. All the instructions are the same, but it’s a different text. I’m not sure whether to give each class a different text or whether to randomly assign both texts within both classes to avoid copying/generate confusion.

This text is a little more interesting than the last one … think zombies!

You can download an advanced (Beta?) copy below and I’ll update you on how it went, after I’ve done it.

Dancing Men Project 2

Letter frequency analysis project answer B


213. Crack the code 2

If you liked the previous post 212. Crack the code 1, you’ll like this one.

Image Credit: blog.thefoundationstone.org

Image Credit: blog.thefoundationstone.org

Another Code sheet, but this time on Pythagoras’ theorem. The sheet covers Pythagoras (find hypotenuse and shorter side), Pythagorean triples, problem solving and rounding to 2dp.

Download it here: Pythagoras Crack the Safe

97. The Dancing Cipher (part two)


If you look back to one of my early blog posts called ‘The Dancing Cipher’ on code breaking, I explained how to use the ‘Dancing Men’ code as an extended homework project.

You can now download the instructions/task, self assessment sheet and solution below:

Self-assessment sheet

Letter frequency analysis project

Letter frequency analysis project answer