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283. Splitting the steps – Rearranging Equations

Last year I put together some resources using the ‘Splitting the steps’ model which was introduced to me at a talk by Bruno Reddy (@mrreddymaths). I’ve realised I didn’t upload this one at the time!

This worksheet takes you through rearranging equations through two sets of questions, plus extension. The helpful hints and structure are gradually removed. You’ll notice that the + sign is left in, even when a – is required. This was specifically done to ensure my students focussed on opposite operations and writing in negative numbers. If you’d rather not have that, there is an editable version too.

Splitting the steps Rearranging equations (PDF)

Splitting the steps Rearranging equations (Word)

If you would like a starter activity relating to this, then go to this blog post on simple rearrangements: 224. No Nonsense Negatives

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