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295. I know how to integrate, but which rule to use?

You know that point when you’ve covered the Integration content in A2, the class can do all the different forms and then you set mixed questions … it’s like it’s in a different language. All that wonderful knowledge seeps out like water in a sieve. There must be a help sheet or tool that gives students a starting point, until their confidence and experience grows?

core 4 integration flowchart

Rewind to proving an integration rule. I was discussing a textbook proof of an integration rule with a student and I just didn’t like it. It niggled in my head that I’d been shown a better method when I was first learning this stuff. After a quick dash to the stockroom and a climb up a step ladder, I found a later edition of the textbook I’d used at A-Level. I was right – the Bostock & Chandler proof was far more elegant and comprehensible. Problem solved!

While I had this book out I had a flick through the pages. A flowchart caught my eye – not a fancy infographic, a proper ‘get the flowchart stencil out’ chart. It basically talks students through how to choose an integration strategy. I could have photocopied the page, but it was rubbish quality when I tried. I believe the book is now out of print, so I have recreated the flowchart page with full credit to it’s source. I hope it helps your students as much as it has mine.

C4 Integration flowchart (pdf)

207. Is it on the formula sheet?

In the Autumn term I put together a booklet of all the Trigonometry and Differentiation rules that you need for the Core 3 (Edexcel) exam. It was a summary of key facts and highlighted what you need to learn vs what is on the formula sheet. The original post was 155.Trigonometry&Differention including links to the booklet.

One term on, at the request of students, I’ve produced the same kind of booklet for Core 4 Integration and Differentiation. Even if you don’t do the Edexcel exams, they are still helpful revision tools.

You can download the booklets here:

C4 Differentiation & Integration (docx)

C4 Differentiation & Integration(PDF)