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270. A whiff of cheese and exponentials

Here is an introduction to modelling exponential growth and decay … using cheese!

Exponential growth and decay (pptx)

Exponential growth and decay intro (ppt)

I used this as a starting point whilst teaching the Edexcel C3 course. You could even demonstrate with fresh and not so fresh cheese. I’m sure the staffroom or sixth form fridge will have some ‘interesting’ examples.

207. Is it on the formula sheet?

In the Autumn term I put together a booklet of all the Trigonometry and Differentiation rules that you need for the Core 3 (Edexcel) exam. It was a summary of key facts and highlighted what you need to learn vs what is on the formula sheet. The original post was 155.Trigonometry&Differention including links to the booklet.

One term on, at the request of students, I’ve produced the same kind of booklet for Core 4 Integration and Differentiation. Even if you don’t do the Edexcel exams, they are still helpful revision tools.

You can download the booklets here:

C4 Differentiation & Integration (docx)

C4 Differentiation & Integration(PDF)


155. Trigonometry & Differentiation


My Year 13 class have just finished C3 and actually asked a very sensible set of questions:

  • Which formulae are given to you?
  • Which formulae must you learn?
  • Which formulae can you work out from given rules?
  • How do you prove simple rules?

In response to this, I’ve written a booklet for the Edexcel C3 paper: Trigonometry and Differentiation: What you are given and what you need to learn (docx) ( PDF Version)